»A place as an octopus, multiarmed, polymorphous. London exists – the whole city – twice: once above ground, once below

– Extract from „London“ –

Suhrkamp/Insel Publishers

Published on 14.11.2016
Paperback, soft cover
ISBN: 978-3-458-36171-8


What might a perfect day in London look like? Begin the day with a morning walk along the Thames. Then off to Soane’s Museum where Sir John, architect and eccentric, presents his art treasures collected from around the world. From there you saunter through lawyers’ London with its courts and silence and, in Charles Dicken’s residence in 48 Doughty Street, you immerse yourself in Victorian life. Setting out from here, you can discover a typical London village, East Bloomsbury. Hunger is sated in The Lamb, the pub where Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath were regulars. “Let yourself drift” whispers the city, in the National Portrait Gallery you study faces, take the lift to the top storey and in the bar let London’s skyline have its effect on you. When it goes dark, countless lights switch on, Covent Garden, a market topped by businesses and restaurants, plays opera in the middle of the city.



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