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»Your body is never stable. And you never know what’s coming next.«

– From Happy Ageing

Conception and direction: Thomas Böhm & Klaus Sander
Narrator: Ulrike Draesner
Recorded by: Klaus Sander
Edition and mastering: Michael Schlappa
Production: supposé 2016

First appeared on 01.10.2016
2 CDSet, 150 minutes
ISBN: 978-3-86385-011-1

Happy Ageing

Ulrike Draesner tells of her years of change.

Writing from the perspective of the middle of her life, Ulrike Draesner tells of how her body feels and how as a woman she experiences ageing. On the basis of decisive experiences from childhood through puberty, monthly cycle, motherhood through to the menopause years she describes, with sovereign composure and intimacy, experiences and the processes of change within the female body. While doing so, and starting with the history of her family, she reflects social conventions in dealing with sexuality and people as they get older, and sets out an image of the years of the menopause as a breakthrough into “the blossoming of old age.”



Shortlisted for „Audio book of the year 2016“
Acknowledged by hr2 to be among the best audio books (November 2016)
Bavaria 2-Favourite (October 2016)
Audio book of the week, B5 aktuell (October 2016)


“A flood of eloquence fascinating at once for its personal immediacy and its reflective density.”

Sandra Kegel / Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (15.12.2016)

“A really incredibly exciting and unusual audio book. Ulrike Draesner narrates with incisive clarity, and with outstanding openness and precision she reflects on female corporeality. An audio book that is both astonishing and at the same time constantly funny and inspirational in its insights.”

Manula Reichart / RBB Kulturradio Moments in Time (10.12.2016)

“Ulrike Draesner is a gripping narrator. Her clever appeal for a Happy Ageing as a concept that runs counter to the madness that is the anti-ageing boom does not prettify the ugly sides of sickness, pain or senescence. In spite of this it inspires courageous re-thinking beyond concepts of growing old that are dipped in beige.”

Kirsten Böttcher / B5 aktuell (21.10.2016)

“A document on ageing that is sympathetic and engagingly reflective from the very start – virtually a poetics of growth and transformation.”

Hr-2-Hörbuch Top Chart (November 2016)

“A highly inspirational yet measured appeal for the confidence to undertake the things ones dreams of throughout the course of one’s life and to re-invent oneself time and again.”

Gesa Ufer / Deutschland Radio Culture (28.11.2016)

“Draesner’s narrative, at times earnest, at times ironical, with an intense and personal voice helps with the exploration of one’s own ‚I’; it is intimate, with breath-taking open-heartedness, yet embedded in the theory of modern conceptions of femininity.”

Alexander Cammann / DIE ZEIT (03.11.2016)
With Judith Hofmann, Kornelia Boje, Christoph Lindert
Directed by: Bernhard Jugel
BR 1998
Playing time: 15 minutes

This Tub that is, alas, the “I”
With Grete Wurm, Tanja Seibt, Adela Florow, Sissy Höfferer, Marie Wegener, Rufus Beck
Directed by: Renate Pittroff
Composer: Christoph Theiler
First broadcast: 31.08.1998, BR 1998
Duration: 42 minutes