»The air smelled of sweetish sweat that Birte thought of almost as „chaste“. But who was it who gave up after 45 minutes, stood gasping on the treadmill? Indeed. While the human mountain next to her kept jogging onwards unimpressed.«

– From the story „Gentle Rotation“ –

Luchterhand Literary Publishers

Published on 08.03.2011
Hardback with dust-jacket
ISBN: 978-3-630-87324-4

Richtig liegen –
Geschichten in Paaren

On life, careers and the unpredictability of happiness

Happiness always has been unpredictable, but now so are work and success. Emil is sitting in an unfinished palace in an icy cave; two colleagues have locked the door. Will they ever let him out again? Will he find his own way out? Pider, on the other hand, is standing in the sea of his own accord, five meters away from the beach, although he knows that the current here can be fatal. One small step is decisive.

Ulrike Draesner artistically and passionately tells of shuttle relationships, the longings of love, binge eating and money lust, of whole body exertion and the tricks of life. These are stories about couples and those wanting to be part of a couple, stories that in turn form couples and which have surprisingly conflicting opinions on the same subject – and are guaranteed not to become reconciled.


‘All of these stories have the substance and the remorseless clarity of morning dreams, with an unexciteability and yet also with the potential for the penetrating effect of short allegories. … Thoroughly enjoyable, filled with feeling, yet artful and clever.’

Deutschlandradio Kultur

‘All of them are so strangely absurd, so wonderfully warm-hearted, so grippingly sad, so encouragingly funny, and so ingeniously confusing that they will not soon be forgotten – in fact we will soon want to discover again what actually happened to all the these wondrous people.’

Wiener Zeitung