»Ach, dieser Leichtsinn!, rief Gordian, der Gina ohne T-Shirt sah. Damit meinte er nicht sie, sondern sich, denn normalerweise verhütete er panisch (Gina routiniert). Dieser Leichtsinn!, rief er und packte das Kondom zwar noch aus, streifte es aber nicht über.«

– Aus der Hot Dogs-Erzählung „Gina Regina“ –

Luchterhand Literary Publishers

Published 2004
Hardback with dust-jacket
Published as btb-paperback on 06.03.2006
ISBN: 978-3-442-73426-9

Hot Dogs

The struggle of a small overbred dog against the elemental power of a raven; the first delicate touching when, during a visit to the atomic bunker, the electricity fails – and time and again this dreadful catastrophe that goes by the name of “desire”: twelve stories that, with unerring aim, strike right into the belly and head of our present-day which is so full of itself and sometimes so entertainingly wrapped in despair.


“At times almost comically garish, at times running gently against the grain, sometimes cool and time and again also breathtakingly erotic.”