»Living through your sixth decade as a woman teaches you the finesse of transformation.«

– From Eine Frau wird älter

Penguin Publisher

Date of publication 15.10.2018
Hardcover with jacket
ISBN: 978-3-328-60002-2

Eine Frau wird älter

When women are no longer 35, no longer 45, and will soon be no longer 55…

Women want to stay 39 forever, her mother said, and dyed her hair until well over the age of 80. Meanwhile, she herself sometimes feels as though people at parties treated her like a talking item of furniture. How do women really view themselves in the middle of life – with or without a man, with or without children, but at any rate with a changing body, thoughts, feelings? In Ulrike Draesner’s brilliant text she explores the complexity of this chapter of one’s life, both in her own and in those of other women alongside her, a chapter in which everything happens in parallel. She still recalls how, as a girl, she desperately wanted to get older – and now everyone pretends there is no such thing as menopause at all? Pointed, astute and sanguine, Draesner finds a new approach to the passing of time: a revolutionary spirit; fire rather than hearth; at home with one’s own transformation.


„Clever, undaunted, endearing“

Sandra Kegel / Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung