»It is now May.
Cherry trees form pink clumps, a precocious cookoo calls, and Harriet S., hair whirling like a punk’s lost dream, boards the train.«

– From Vorliebe

Luchterhand Literary Publishers

Date of publication: 22.01.2010
Hardcover with jacket
ISBN: 978-3-630-87294-0


Love is a science unto itself

A reunion that strikes like lightening: suddenly, astrophysicist Harriet is faced with her former great love. And, gradually yet inexorably, her life drifts off course of its previous neat orbit.

Harriet, half Indian, maths enthusiast, makes a living transforming scientific data into beautiful cosmic images; nobody ever minds the odd aesthetic amendment. At home, too, everything seems to be going well with her partner Ash and Ben, his son from a past relationship. Then, while driving, Ash hits none other than the wife of Harriet’s childhood sweetheart, and Peter, the man she thought she had long forgotten, becomes a part of her life once more. A little harmless flirting begins: no need for secrecy these days; jealousy is old-fashioned; romantic clichés come as standard. Yet with wonderful playfulness, Ulrike Draesner sends the heroines and heroes of her new novel into the flickering lights and false trails of a labyrinth from which one of the characters will not escape alive.


‘Rarely is a romantic novel written with so much elegance and wit.’

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (29.01.2010)

‘Her book Preference glistens and dazzles, moves and irritates; it is completely contemporary and will remain so in the future.’

Berliner Zeitung