»On the left lies the Baltic, on the right the lagoon. Or the other way round – she turns with the skylarks, wants to take in the island as the larks do: a feed-plate, swinging to and fro on a damp blue table

from „My Hiddensee (-Island)“

Mare Publishers

Published on 03.03.2015
Hardback wih dustsheet
ISBN: 978-3-86648-213-5

My Hiddensee

Every summer, more or less, the writer Ulrike Draesner travels to the island of Hiddensee. In this personal travel guide, she roams the island landscape together with her child and dog, takes a perceptive and poetic look at flora and fauna, at light, at wind and weather, and unravels enchanting tales of the island’s history. Above all, however, the author encounters herself: what does this particular place do to me? What has become of the romance of many years, the highs and lows of which are, in their own ways, connected to Hiddensee? What does it mean to be a mother? What is happiness? And can it be found here on the island?


„Ulrike Draesner has written an incredibly personal book by making the experience with nature on this, probably the most beautiful of German islands, the starting point for emotions and philosophical reflections.”

Ulrike Sárkány/culture programme from North German Broadcasting

„The volume is one of the charming „My Island“ Series by the Mare Publishers… Her book is composed of mood images which together characterise the atmosphere on Hiddensee. This has more to say than a description of what lies open to view.“

Stefan Fischer/Süddeutsche Zeitung

„And because Draesner is Draesner, she does all this, as her readers expect, in a style that is poetic, reflective and intelligent.“

Anne-Dore Krohn/Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung