»… eben und eben eben der strand,
aus arbeit die reibt, sandig, lüstern
glänzend das meer, und flach …«

– Aus dem Gedicht „hiddensee, südstrand, die winkende bucht“ –

Luchterhand Literary Publishers

Published on 01.05.2005
Paperback, Klappenbroschur
ISBN: 978-3-630-62084-8


The new volume of poems by Ulrike Draesner about the most precious of all human emotions – and the places it leads us to: loving, warring, later.

Ulrike Draesner began her literary career as a lyricist and despite her success as a prose writer (with her novel ‘Dowry’ (Mitgift) and volume of stories ‘Hot Dogs’ has never lost sight of the fundamental element of her craft: words. In her last volume of poetry, ‘Cells Hired for the Night’ (Für die Nacht geheuerte Zellen), she made her mark as an expert in the exchange between science and poetry. Rarely before have biotechnological and technical processes been poeticised so compellingly. She maintains this achievement as she turns to the ‚classical’ poetic topic: her new volume is essentially a collection of love poems. The bolt of lightning in the title poem is the theme that ties the poems together. It appears in the story of how strength of feeling can transcend death (and, indeed, is the leitmotif in the first part of the volume, lieben [loving]), and is then transformed into the devastating bombshells of war (Part 2: kriegen [warring]). The poems in Part 3, später [later], romp around on the fields of destruction left behind by both battlefields: those of lovers’ wars, and those of real wars.


‘There are at least two astonishing things about these poems: the incredible energy that emanates from them, their uncommon rhythmical linguistic rage, and the radically broad lyrical vocabulary.’

Neue Zürcher Zeitung

‘This poetry enriches the reader.’

Frankfurter Rundschau