Luchterhand Verlag 2005, 10 €


Translated from the German by Iain Galbraith

proximity of machines

he brought up the bike-saddle dark sea-horse on the wall
ever seen animals screaming at each other just to be together
the deep freezer hummed defrost faster with a dryer

the way he was trapped later as a beetle and she on the bike
where tubes merge with the body saw a kind of clumpy pug
with a flowerpot back soil in it eyes twisting on feelers

snail-like. he leapt into the kitchen, curled up in a ball –
in front of the machines. the dishwasher on full. that much
overinstrumentation frightened her – then again the time you saved

she wondered how a dog like that slept with its flowerpot back
and saw sprinkled with brown sugar all that dreamy to-do
(supposedly of the dream) but he woke at once (the ears) at once

went down again like a child – as it cries – so
all feelings then were learnt under her tightly stretched
blouse too was fur, liver-shaded skin throbbing

dark animal on the wall, a watery heart?


but nothing there to see at all but
was just
those stones grass that sun
a filled tooth nothing there
to see at all was just those
bundles green flashes that sunny
sun but: just the weather just
a bust tooth teeth nothing else
to see in such a toothless filled in
thing was just a square angling was
a pack of implanted people in stone
it was a dream was not in colour was
nothing there to see was just the grass
just these weeping bushes thought-
amalgam stone spectators
wrought home into the soul conscience
it was a nailing angling bed it was
that sort of englishness: sunny weather
was nothing at all to see